Black Children's Books & Authors

"Black children need to see their lives reflected in the books they read. If they don't, they won't feel welcome in the world of literature. The lives of African-Americans are rich and diverse, and the books our children read should reflect that."- Valerie Wilson Wesley

A Treasury of African-American Christmas Stories

This book offers a distinct African American orientation on the holiday and the religion it celebrates. The works, originally published in black newspapers and periodicals between 1882 and 1939, embrace traditional themes but don’t shrink from timely and controversial concerns about slavery, lynching, miscegenation, and spiritual hypocrisy in the context of celebrating the Christian season. Some pieces reconstruct the traditional Christmas images of a jolly, white Santa Claus or a white Christ.

Compiler, Editor: Bettye Collier-Thomas

Bettye Collier-Thomas (PhD George Washington University, 1974) is a nationally known historian of American and African American history, with particular expertise in the areas of civil rights, politics, religion, and women’s history.

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